As a food blogger, I read a lot of food blogs, food magazines and cookbooks, and watch a lot of cooking shows and Youtube channels. All of that information, though, can leave me a little paralyzed. If you don’t make something intricate or “epic” you can feel like what you’re eating isn’t up to par or isn’t share-worthy. Back when I started this blog, almost four years ago, I ended up not even cooking (or eating) at all because I felt so defeated when looking at others’ high level of work.

Today, I’m happy that I feel so strongly the opposite of this. Food shouldn’t have to have chef-like perfection, Pinterest-worthy visuals, or Youtube “epic” intricacy to be nourishing to your mind & stomach. Instead, I think it’s important to celebrate our most everyday meals, especially as vegans. It shows others exactly how we’re eating, making it easy for them to imagine themselves doing it too. It helps give us a sense of community on Instagram, through tag searches and following others’ journeys.

It’s easy to make the most basic food look beautiful, and in doing so we showcase the potential of vegan-friendly foods as well as find the beauty in our own daily routines. Instead of holding ourselves to this over-the-top standard of food/lifestyle excellence, we can create our own standard with intention.

I’ve really enjoyed documenting most of my meals this past week. I used to use calorie-counting apps to keep my health in check, but this is even better in my eyes. There’s no tedious ingredient-searching/recipe building, and I love seeing gorgeous meals rather than reading numbers. It’s helped me see where I can improve my diet (and my food photography) and helped me become more intentional in my everyday routine.

So, we’ve set up an “official” Instagram account for this here blog, which will be a real documentation of my daily meals, snacks, drinks, and more. For you and for me. If you’re trying something similar, whether it’s a hashtag, a blog series, etc., comment below and link it so I can see! I love checking out what other people eat on a daily basis, it’s come to be very inspiring. 🙂